update on this long overdue hiatus

You and i both know that it has been a long time. An overly long and unnecessary long long time… Since i wrote a post, or updated any content for that matter on the blog. The last time i wrote was back in 2011 (maybe even 2010?- now i cant remember). Pitiful, shame on me. But in my defense, a lot has happened in these few short years. MAJOR LIFE CHANGING EVENTS to be exact. Lets see…

  • I graduated with my masters (with honors- go me!)
  • Started my first job ( now im onto my second one)
  • Moved out of my parents house into my very own big girl apt… With my now HUSBAND*
  • *Yup, i got married (and of course took the most magical honeymoon** to the greek islands… eeee i still smile thinkkng about it!!)

**can’t even find the right words for this, it was simply unreal

So heres my word that i will attempt/do my best with updating this little thing a bit more frequently. Next adventure coming up on the list: maui and kauai (hawaii) for our one year anniversary.  But that’s not happening until July….

Lucky you, I still have quite a lot to catch up on [unlucky me], so enjoy my travels over the 2/3 years or so:

  • San Francisco
  • DC
  • Southern Caribbean Cruise
  • Israel
  • Greek Island Honeymoon


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