california / san francisco

A Golden Gate Bridge Christmas

The next day on our California (well mostly San Francisco) adventure was mainly spent exploring Golden Gate Park [I later learned that this spot is not actually GGP, but some other much smaller one right near the bridge, which of course, I forgot the name of].  It was also Christmas Day.  Which meant cute little doggies in Santa outfits! How fitting for the occasion!  Since we were basically bypassing all the christmas cheer in NY, this little bit of seasonal attire (worn mostly by the dogs) was enough to cheer me up.  Everyone knows just how decked out new yorkers get during the holidays, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to see thousands of Santa’s running wild in NYC, attend SantaCon one year.  You’ll see exactly what I mean.  Ok, back to San Fran and it’s beautiful park.

And there we are in all our glory [& sunglasses!] enjoying the park.  Sins jacket and all, which I was pretty enthusiastic about.  I was able to capture some stunning photos of the bridge, which is actually more of a dull rusty color, rather than a true red, in real life.  Guess I was picturing a bright red bridge, or the colors of christmas in my head seemed to make the colorful bridge a little less vivid.  The sky was exceptionally clear, and besides being able to clearly see Alcatraz Island, we were able to see land much farther out.
We spent the majority of our day exploring the grounds while people [and dog] watching, and somehow ended up real close to the starting point of the bridge, but never actually made it on.  We had planned on setting up camp and having a picnic, but we never made it around to doing just that.  All in all, a beautiful day.  No jingle bells or holiday cookies this season, but hey, theres always next year for that!


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